Each original Frans creates is the culmination of all his years of life experience, training and his remarkable God-given talent. Frans enjoys mastering new techniques in quick studio studies, painting alone in serene natural locations, capturing the spirit of a crowd in a basketball game or golf tournament, and doing abstract work that expresses his innermost feelings.

The price for originals starts at several hundred dollars for studio studies and technique exercises or on location studies done in the process of completing an original for a new print edition. Large unpublished paintings sell for up to several thousand dollars. Some of his unpublished work includes abstracts or non-objective paintings. Frans’s favorite way of explaining the difference between objective and non-objective paintings is in musical terms. Objective paintings are songs with words. Non-objective paintings are instrumental symphonies such as this painting titled “Patterns of Life.”

“Patterns of Life”

Price: $1,800.00                                          Size: 22" x 30"

Description: Painted with watercolors and ink on 300 lb. watercolor
paper that was pre-soaked and stretched.

Some of the originals of the prints you see in the image gallery remain available for purchase. These originals are priced between $2,000.00 and $5,000.00. If you are interested in purchasing any of the print originals go to the Contact Us page and list the images you like. We will send you pricing and descriptive information.

Over the years Frans has done many exciting projects. Commissions have ranged from small paintings of individual homes or businesses, to spending months painting in a town to create a poster for the 375th anniversary for the city of Hampton, Virginia. One of his most satisfying projects began with an on-location painting of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in 1999 as it was being moved from the seaside to a safer location. Within weeks of beginning the painting much of Eastern North Carolina was underwater with flooding from Hurricane Floyd. Prints of the painting seen below were used as a premium for each donation of $1,000 for more a fund-raising telethon that netted almost $500,000.00 for flood relief.

“Hatteras on the Move”

Price: $4,200.00                                               Size: 22" x 30"

Description: Watercolor on 140 lb. paper started on location and
completed in the studio.

Frans loves challenges. If you like his style of painting and would like to commission him to do a painting of one of your favorite places, capture the spirit of an event, or any other project you can imagine, go to the Contact Us page and tell us your idea. The fee for each commission will be individually negotiated. We look forward to working with you!